Easy Sex from the Ugly Girl?

A guest entry by the author of NYC WON’T LET ME SLEEP

I’ve posted several times about the ugly girl that wants to hang out with me so badly and who I can clearly fuck tomorrow night if I so choose. Well I’ve never met her and we’ve exchanged many many e-mails back and forth. I’ve basically said that I’m going to attempt to fuck her tomorrow night and she bought right into it.

The conversation went something like this…

Ugly Girl: Well try not to be out drinking too late and get some rest tonight. You can continue your drunken debauchery with me tomorrow night.

NYCGeek: Are you going to get me drunk and take advantage of me?

UG: A lady never tells.

NYCGeek: I got to tell the bartenders to watch out for me tomorrow night unless you’re planning on cooking me breakfast friday morning.

UG: Well that depends….what do you have in your pantry? Haha.

NYCGeek: Eggs. How’s your omelette skills?

UG: Pretty good actually.

NYCGeek: Will you serve it to me in bed? Cause that’s important.

UG: Hmm, we’ll see how things go.

How did things go? More tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Easy Sex from the Ugly Girl?”

  1. Well well well. This is a very old subject actually, I mean ugly girl and sex dilemma. People actually think that if girl is ugly or fugly or just fat, she gonna suck your dick until it fall out. Or you can fuck her all night long because she neva gonna get any better, right? This fugly, pathetic girl who’s dying to hang out with you, man, God’s gift to all women. Might be.

    So what u gonna do? I find it way interesting. Hope u will tell us more. So again, what you gonna do? A. Fuck her B. Just let her suck me C. Nothing. I can do better.

    If you r such a cutie, maybe u can get laid without humiliating an innocent person? Maybe u can pick a girl who u actually like and fuck her instead? Think about it. I don’t think this girl is into u because she is so ugly. Maybe she thinks that u r just in her league.

  2. In response to Lexi:

    You say “People actually think that if girl is ugly or fugly or just fat, she gonna suck your dick until it fall out”. This is because it’s true 99% of the time. Fat chicks or even just ugly chicks are easy, that’s a fact. I’ve got so many stories about ugly chicks that I decided to start my own blog (http://www.storiesofjake.com) and I don’t feel bad for a single one of them. The way I see it I’m doing a service to the ugly population of the world, and providing some laughs for the rest of the world.

  3. It is true that ugly girls are easy. It’s the same as a hot girl sleeping with uglier guys, they aren’t going to say no, they’ll put out. I’m not in her league but I’m above it, that’s why she’s so easy.

    feel free to visit my blog, the link has been provided for more stories, i don’t submit all to this blog.

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